Explore the beautiful Cordillera del Condor!

General information

Along Ecuador's south-eastern border, shielded by the mountain range of Cordillera del Condor, flows the river of Nangaritza. Its altitude of approximately 900 meters above sea level makes it one of the most highly located trafficable rivers in the world. The climate of the valley below is tropical or subtropical, while the climate of the plateau, with an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, as well as of the surrounding mountains, is of a colder kind typical of the Andes. An area of more than 100,000 hectars, establishing a buffer zone to the national park Podocarpus, have been declared protection forest, which is similar to a nature reserve.

The region Nangaritza contains vast areas of rainforest with canyons and waterfalls. The flora here is extremely rich, and trees are shrouded in orchids, epifytes and vines. More than 330 spieces of birds have been registered here, including parrots, kingfishers, and humming birds. The highland sandstone tepuí offer isolated areas for several endemic plants.

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